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The 10-Digit ISBN code is converted to the 13-digit Bookland EAN code as follows:

Step 1: The first 3 digits are always 978.

Step 2: The next 9-digits (4 through 12) are the first 9 digits of the ISBN, with hyphens deleted.

The 13th digit is the computed EAN check digit. (the EAN check digit is automatically computed and added to the code by Bar Code Master suppliers.)

Step 3:

Example: ISBN 0-87654-321-2 converts to

Bookland EAN 9 780876 54321 4

(See Figure 1 for an illustration of the Bookland EAN symbol)

Figure 1: Bookland EAN with price code

Converting the ISBN to the Bookland EAN Code

The 5 digit add-on price code for Bookland EAN consists of a currency designator (1 digit) followed by a 4  digit price code.

  • 5 has been assigned to represent U.S. dollars

  • The 4 digit price code is the suggested list price, with no punctuation leading zeros are used to fill in any price under $10.00.

  • Any price of $100.00 or more will be designated as 9999. This will require the actual price to be entered manually at retail or other scanning points.

(See Figure 1 for an illustration of the Bookland EAN symbol)

Bookland EAN Add-On Code

  • Examples:

$    6.95 =  50695

$  19.00 =  51900

$110.50 =  59999



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