UCC/EAN 128 Coupon Extended Code
In addition to the primary UPC coupon code, the FMI/GMA Coupon Scanning Subcommittee of the Joint Industry Coupon Committee has develop an additional bar code symbol to encode other important information. The presence of this new extended code will not affect the scanning importance of the UPC coupon code on current POS Systems.

Beginning January 1997, all coupons are to include an extended code. Many Manufactures are being urged to include this new additional symbol immediately. Manufacturers may include the following information in the extended symbol.

I. Number System Character (NSC)
Since it is conceivable that two companies might have the same manufacturers number, one with a NSC of 0 and the other with an NSC of 7, the NSC of the manufacturer is automatically included in the extended.

II. Offer Code
Five digit number issued by the manufacturer.

III. Expiration Date of Offer
Month/Year (i.e. 07/99)




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