Contractor- or vendor-originated address markings.

A contractor or vendor making a shipment will apply address markings to conform to the requirements of this standard. While it is preferred that contractors and vendors use the latest edition of the DD Form 1387 when shipping cargo to a  continental United States (CONUS) (domestic) location, mandatory use of the label is not required. Fleet Post Office (FPO) and Air Post Office (APO) address also do not require usage of the DD Form 1387 address label. In addition, contractors and vendors are not required to bar code the DD Form 1387 or the domestic address label for deliveries to CONUS locations. However, when contractor- or vendor-originated shipments are destined for outside continental United States (OCONUS) (overseas) locations, and are shipped through the Defense Transportation Systems (DTS) (transshipment), they shall comply with the address marking instructions in DoD 4500.32-R, Volume I, which requires the address marking to be placed on a bar coded DD Form 1387. For these shipments, bar code labels may be affixed to the DD Form 1387 as an alternative to direct bar coding of the DD Form 1387. Destinations such as Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico,

Canada, and Mexico are considered OCONUS sites and require bar coded DD Form 1387 address labels. The military shipment label shall be completed as specified. The domestic shipment address for Contractor- or vendor-originated shipments shall contain the following minimum information in the order listed.

a.  Control Number or Reference Number: Enter the 17 character (alphanumeric)

      Transportation Control Number (TCN) for shipments entering the DTS, as

      applicable. For consolidated shipments, a lead TCN must be used. For some

      shipments, marking the contract number (C/N), purchase order number P/O), or

      Government Bill of lading (B/L) number may be required by the contract.

b.  From:  Name and address of consignor (DoD activity address code (DoDAAC)

      and in-the-clear address, if applicable.

c.  To:  Name and address of the consignee (DoDAAC and in-the-clear address,

      if applicable).

d.  Project Code and required delivery date (RDD), when required. The RDD is the

      day of the year (e.g., 087, 198, etc.) specified on the requisition when material

      is required by the requisitioner or consignee. If the RDD is not appropriate,

      enter "000."

e.  Gross Weight and Cube (this piece). The capital letters "WT" shall precede the

      gross weight. The gross weight will be expressed in pounds rounded up to the

      nearest pound. The resulting cube in capital letters "CU" shall be shown in cubic

      feet and shall be expressed in decimals rounded up to the nearest tenth of a cubic


f.  Piece Number and Total Pieces.

g.  Additional data, when required by the procuring agency

Data to be bar coded on the DD Form 1387

DoD sites shall the TCN, ultimate consignee (DoDAAC), and piece number on the DD Form 1387, in accordance

with DoD 4500.32-R, Volume 1. Contractor- or Vendor-originated shipments, destined for OCONUS locations,

the enter the DTS, Shall have the same data bar coded on the DD Form 1387.


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